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清华大学学报(自然科学版)  2015, Vol. 55 Issue (11): 1216-1220,1228    DOI: 10.16511/j.cnki.qhdxxb.2015.21.012
  计算机科学与技术 本期目录 | 过刊浏览 | 高级检索 |
董扬威, 林闯
清华大学计算机科学与技术系, 北京 100084
Number of round trips in LTP data block transmissions
DONG Yangwei, LIN Chuang
Department of Computer science and Technology, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China
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摘要 Licklider协议(Licklider transmission protocol, LTP)是一种主要应用于空间网络的点到点传输协议,可用于空间网络相邻节点间的数据传输。LTP可靠传输通过返回确认和重传实现。空间网络节点间距离长,多个往返轮次的确认和重传过程造成极大的传输延迟。该文给出了一种传输轮次的形式化分析方法,其结果包含传输轮次的分布函数、期望和方差。另外提供了一种基于上下界的方法,给出了形式非常简洁的结论,其结果包含轮次期望的上下界和近似值。然后通过典型例子的仿真计算和比较验证了相关结论。
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关键词 Licklider传输协议延迟分析传输轮次    
Abstract:The Licklider transmission protocol(LTP) is a point-to-point protocol that is mainly used to transmit data between adjacent nodes in space networks. LTP achieves reliability by return acknowledgements and retransmissions. Typical applications have long distances between network nodes which result in large transmission delays. This delay is further multiplied by the acknowledgement and retransmission processes. Thus, the number of round trips(QoRT) needed to successfully transmit an LTP block needs to be investigated. This paper presents an analytical evaluation of the QoRT that gives the distribution function, mean and variance of the QoRT. The results also give more concise upper bounds, lower bounds and approximate means. Simulations verify the theoretical results.
Key wordsLicklider transmission protocol(LTP)    delay evaluation    number of round trip
收稿日期: 2015-02-15      出版日期: 2015-12-01
ZTFLH:  TP393.02  
通讯作者: 林闯,教授,     E-mail:
董扬威, 林闯. LTP协议数据传输轮次[J]. 清华大学学报(自然科学版), 2015, 55(11): 1216-1220,1228.
DONG Yangwei, LIN Chuang. Number of round trips in LTP data block transmissions. Journal of Tsinghua University(Science and Technology), 2015, 55(11): 1216-1220,1228.
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  图1 不同段丢失率和块长度下的轮次分布
  不同段be 下的E(R)
  图3 不同段be 下的D (R)
  图4 E(R)比较(e=10-2)
  图5 E(R)比较(e=10-3)
  图6 E(R)比较(e=10-4)
  图7 E(R)比较(e=10-5)
  图8 D(R)比较
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