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清华大学学报(自然科学版)  2015, Vol. 55 Issue (5): 538-542,549    
  自动化 本期目录 | 过刊浏览 | 高级检索 |
辛乐, 范玉顺
清华大学 自动化系, 北京 100084
Service composition analysis with collaboration
XIN Le, FAN Yushun
Department of Automation, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China
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摘要 在业务服务网络中, 服务组合的交付往往由多方协作完成。为了在服务组合的分析和选择中考虑不同协作方的影响, 该文构建了兼容协作方的服务组合模型, 以服务流程逻辑为核心, 拓展定义支持性服务个体的影响因子; 随后通过定义服务组合的结构性关联关系指标, 提出基于关联的服务组合优选方法。该方法支持用户结合个人偏好等信息进行分析, 并将支持性服务的效用纳入了考虑范围, 更全面地评估了服务的交付效果。通过算例说明了该模型的有效性。
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关键词 服务组合支持性服务结构关联关系    
Abstract:In business service networks, service composition often involves cooperation. A service composition model was developed that includes the effects of collaboration to facilitate selection of the service composition method with collaboration. This model describes the service flow as the main logic and expands the definition of the support impact factor for various types of supporting services. Service composition structure correlation indexes are used to optimize the selection approach based on the users' preferences and to predict the supporting services' utility, which gives a more comprehensive assessment of the service delivery effect. A numerical example shows the effectiveness of this model.
Key wordsservice composition    support service    structure correlation
收稿日期: 2014-12-04      出版日期: 2015-05-15
ZTFLH:  TH166  
通讯作者: 范玉顺,教授,     E-mail:
辛乐, 范玉顺. 考虑协作方的服务组合分析[J]. 清华大学学报(自然科学版), 2015, 55(5): 538-542,549.
XIN Le, FAN Yushun. Service composition analysis with collaboration. Journal of Tsinghua University(Science and Technology), 2015, 55(5): 538-542,549.
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  表1 服务组合优选方案
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