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清华大学学报(自然科学版)  2022, Vol. 62 Issue (1): 179-188    DOI: 10.16511/j.cnki.qhdxxb.2021.26.036
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吴林峰, 李春文
清华大学 自动化系, 北京 100084
Position tracking control for a tailsitter VTOL UAV experiencing time-varying crosswind disturbances
WU Linfeng, LI Chunwen
Department of Automation, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China
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摘要 该文针对尾座式垂直起降无人机面临的时变侧风干扰问题,设计了一种基于新型姿态提取算法的轨迹跟踪控制方法。首先,根据侧风干扰与无人机姿态的关系建立数学模型,在此模型基础上推导出一种利用无人机滚转角的新型姿态提取算法,显著降低了干扰力。在反步式控制方法的基础上,采用嵌套饱和函数方法对控制输入进行限制,解决推力限幅问题,并通过PD+前馈控制方法解决姿态跟踪控制问题。此外,采用指令滤波器解决了时变侧风干扰造成的期望姿态无法求导的问题。结果表明:只要滤波频率足够大,轨迹跟踪误差便可达到任意小,并通过仿真实验验证了其有效性。
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关键词 尾座式无人机垂直起降侧风干扰    
Abstract:A position tracking control method was designed with an attitude extraction algorithm for a tailsitter vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) subjected to time-varying crosswind disturbances. A mathematical model was constructed to predict the relationship between the crosswind disturbance and the aircraft's attitude. An attitude extraction algorithm was then developed using the aircraft's roll angle which significantly reduces the effect of the disturbance. A backstepping control method was used with a saturated function technique to account for the thrust boundedness with a PD plus feedforward control method for the attitude tracking control. The unknown derivatives of the desired attitude caused by the time-varying crosswind disturbance were resolved by a command filter. Tests show that the tracking error can be made arbitrarily small as long as the command filter frequency is sufficiently large.
Key wordstailsitter unmanned aerial vehicle    vertical take-off and landing    crosswind disturbances
收稿日期: 2021-04-18      出版日期: 2022-01-14
通讯作者: 李春文,教授,     E-mail:
吴林峰, 李春文. 尾座式垂直起降无人机在时变侧风干扰下的轨迹跟踪控制[J]. 清华大学学报(自然科学版), 2022, 62(1): 179-188.
WU Linfeng, LI Chunwen. Position tracking control for a tailsitter VTOL UAV experiencing time-varying crosswind disturbances. Journal of Tsinghua University(Science and Technology), 2022, 62(1): 179-188.
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